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This is a very old site and it is no longer really maintained.
I keep it up because it still contains information that may be useful to some.
A more recent blog -if somewhat irregularly updated- is at:

Welcome to

This is the site where I keep articles and how-to that are better suited to a wiki than my normal technology blog.

This site is updated on an irregular basis; I keep adding pages to it every now and then when I am working on something that I think is worth putting down.

There will also be more things going on on the blog that I just started. Too many things pop up in my mind that do not warrant a full article here but are perfect for the transient nature of blogs.

Don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything that needs correction or just to let me know if you found anything useful here.

Renaud Bompuis

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This is a rather extensive article describing the configuration of a high performance Mail server for Small and Medium businesses, with a focus on security, mail retention and accessibility though IMAP and webmail...


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