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Usefull links


  • CodeProject: a tremendously useful community site for those programming in .Net. Mostly for Windows development. Thousands of articles and interesting projects on all aspects of programming. If you have a problem to be solved, it's probably someone had a shot at it on this site.


  • DNSstuff: query DNS servers on DNS, IP, WHOIS, NetGeo (to check the country in which a certain host resides), information about your TCP/IP headers, URL deobfuscator, email checks, etc. Very usefull, and free of ads.
  • ZoneEdit: DNS service. First 5 zones (domains) are free. Allows Dynamic DNS, editing of all DNS records in a simple and sober web interface. You can purchase (quite cheap) additional service such as mail backup that buffers your email while your mail server is unavailable, or additional slave name servers; load balancing, web and email forwards, etc. Highly recomended.
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