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This is a very old site and it is no longer really maintained.
I keep it up because it still contains information that may be useful to some.
A more recent blog -if somewhat irregularly updated- is at:

Well, a bit about me.

I'm a guy (in case anyone had any doubt) in my thirties, born in mainland France and raised in Reunion Island.

I got a degree in Computer Engineering (design of hardware/software embedded systems) in the early nineties and have been working as a Support Technician on the Eurostar fast train in London, then a Programming Manager and a Project Manager for a railway product manufacturer for various projects in Asia.

Programming and computer-related technology have always been at the centre of my life, ever since I saw my first computer back when I was maybe 10. Since then I've tinkered and programmed and expanded the electronic of every computer I owned, crashing most in the process and getting electric shocks and burns too many times to count.

I got my Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux certification a while back and I've been enjoying expanding my research and knowledge in the world of Open Source for many years now.

That said, I'm not fiercely against Microsoft and I think they make some pretty cool technology that I find enjoyable to use, even though their commercial and marketing approaches leaves a lot to be desired.

In 1996 I got the opportunity to come to Asia where I now live and work.

Version: 3.1
GCS d- s+: a C++++>+++ UL++++ P+++ L++>++++$ E---- W+++ N++ w++>+++++$
M->+ PS++ PE+ Y++ PGP+ t+ 5 X R* tv b+ DI+++ D++ G e++ h r y+(**)

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spanish geek ;)Wednesday 03 August 2005, at 11:55 GMT+8 [X]
You are missing a great country to visit right next to yours.
SergeySaturday 22 June 2013, at 00:50 GMT+8 [X]
well for 1 its LOUISSSI not louis and for 2 i hope he DOES mage AoW3 i just hope that it doesnt have as many pbreloms at the start as this 1, and also Sasa we havnt flipped once on this post???? so er yeh .because louissi has the better flash programs he will probably make AoW3(if he does) in less time than 2 thanks
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