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ActivePerl on Windows

ActivePerl is a Windows port of Perl maintained by ActiveState. While ActivePerl is free to download, there are a number of commercial development tools available that greatly expand the use of Perl on Windows platforms.

Some of the tools available from the Perl Deve Kit (PDK) allow the following (non exhaustive list):

  • using Perl as an ASP scripting language along with VBScript and JScript (PerlScript)
  • building redistribuable executables (.exe) of your Perl applications (PerlApp)
  • building .Net assemblies and ActiveX DLLs (PerlNET and PerlCtrl)
  • Creating and installing Windows Services (PerlSvc)
  • Creating Windows MSI installation packages (PerlMSI)
  • Creating simple GUI system tray applications (PerlTray)
  • Converting VBScript source to PerlScript
  • Graphical debugging, Regular expression Filter Builder, Visual Package Manager (to install Perl Modules easily).

Additionally, other usefull tools that integrate well with ActivePerl are:

  • Komodo, the excellent IDE for writting, debugging and managing Perl code.
  • Perl Studio, to integrate Perl in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
  • PerlASPX, for building ASP.NET dynamic web sites

ActivePerl issues

There are usually very few issues with ActivePerl and its derivatives, but here are a few annoyances I came accross and my solutions.

GD module for ActivePerl 5.8
I needed the GD module for producing barcodes with the Barcode::Code128 module under Windows, but GD is deemed too tricky for ActiveState's automated module compilation, instead, they point you the University of Winnipeg's repository: GD can be downloaded from there.

Win32-Printer for ActivePerl 5.8
There is a problem with the Activestate version of the module (at this date of december 2004, the package is available and will install, but contains nothing). To install this module, download the binary package directly from the author.


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