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Microsoft provides a lot of help for developers working on its .Net platform.
One of the very helpful aids provided by Microsfot on MSDN are a set of 101 small application samples covering many of the most interesting aspects of .Net programming such as Serialization, GDI+, DataBinding, Security, Forms, etc.

To install them, you will need:

  • Visual Studio .Net 2003 / 2005
  • IIS should be installed on your machine.
    (if not, Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, click Add/remove Windows Components, select Internet Information Services (IIS) then click Next to install. To configure, Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Internet Information Services)
  • Download and configure the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine and configure it to be able to use the examples and tutorials:
    • Download and install the executable
    • Open a command prompt then (change password to something appropriate):
    >cd \MSDERelA
  • Read the StartSamples.htm normaly found in a folder like \Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v1.1\Samples\.
    • Configure your quickstart environment: run the executable ConfigSamples.exe that should normally be in Samples\Setup@@.
    • On my WinXP machine, I had to add default.aspx to the list of default documents for IIS:
      Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Internet information Services -> expand the tree view and right-click on the Web Sites folder, choose Properties then the Documents tab. Click Add.. and enter default.aspx, then OK for each open dialog.
    • Point your browser to http://localhost/quickstart/ and you should get the welcome page.
      If you encounter any problems, make sure that IIS is started and have a look at the ConfigDetails.htm page in the Samples/Setup/Html/ folder.
  • Download and install the C# 101 samples then register the NorthWind database to work with the db examples as explained on that page.
  • Browse the examples' directory

You should be done.
Must say that it could have been made easier, but hey, it's free and worth the trouble.

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