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Here are a few hacks that involve modifications to the the pmwiki style sheets.

Opening external links in a new window and making them stand out

This completements the cookbook recipe found on the pmwiki site ExternalLinks

To open external links in new windows, add the following in your local/config.php file:

# Modified URL for external links to open them in a new window
# and mark them with a small image on the right (throught CSS)
$UrlLinkFmt =
  "<a class='external' target='_blank' href='\$LinkUrl'>\$LinkText</a>";

On this site, I have used the same effect used in WikiPedia for their external links.
For instance , notice the small picture on the right of the link that indicate that this is an external link to this site.

To enable this, you only need to download one of the small images below, place it in your skin directories, for instance pub/skins/pmwiki/external.png and add in the pub/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki.css the following:

#wikibody a.external {
        background: url(external.png) center right no-repeat;
        padding-right: 13px;

Now all external links in you main text body will be identified as such.

Right-click and choose save image to download a copy of the images on your PC:

- - - -

If you're using mutliple skins for your site, don't forget to copy the image in your skin folders and modify the CSS for each of them!

Fixing Internet Explorer PNG transparency problems

In Firefox and IE7 there is no problem with PNG images and their transparency alpha channel.
On IE5.5 and IE6 though, if your PNG has some transparency (ie. not 100% opaque), then it will look like crap:

This image as it looks in an image editor showing its checkerboard background through the transparent bits:

actually looks like this in IE:

when it should look like this:

To solve this problem, download the following files and save them in your top pub/skins directory:


Then add the following to your pub/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki.css style sheet :

/* Fix for PNG alpha channel display in IE5.5 and IE6 */
img {
   behavior: url("/pub/skins/");

The behavior CSS tag is ignored in non-IE browsers so it will not affect Opera or Mozilla based browsers.

If you're using mutliple skins for your site, don't forget to modify the CSS for each of them!

If you're not saving those new files in pub/skins, you will have to modify the path inside that points to blank.gif and change the path in the CSS as well, otherwise it won't work!


JamalFriday 21 June 2013, at 11:48 GMT+8 [X]
hey dude do you have CSE NightEagle sweps? if yes i'll ask to you i have it and one thing is very bad and help me ok: when i am jumping with cse nhagteigle sweps it's crosshair is growing larger
AylaFriday 21 June 2013, at 12:59 GMT+8 [X]
sorry for anyone that gets angry at me about this but is it me or does it seem like most CS prayels try to make their game look more like something in the COD style whit skins :3
SamiraFriday 21 June 2013, at 21:20 GMT+8 [X]
I'm going to comment on my own blog and add that what sucks more than loisng in the face of unflagging optimism is the way your gut feels when you know you could say, I told you so, but you really wish that you'd been wrong.
BellaFriday 21 June 2013, at 23:51 GMT+8 [X]
Great information but I'm csfeuond. It says there is a free download but I don't see the free download button anywhere. Is the free offer over? Thanks!Sam
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