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I have a PDA, an iPAQ 4150 from HP. It's a great little device that has wifi and Bluetooth connectivity built-in, it's slim, very useful and integrates very well within Windows.

I don't use the supplied Outlook for contact management, preferring to keep my contact list only on the device and managing my email through IMAP so it stays on the server and remains accessible wherever I go as only copies of recent messages are downloaded on the iPAQ.

My main grippe against it that whenever I connect my PDA through USB or Bluetooth, the ActiveSync software prompts me for setting up a new partnership:

After a few days, this becomes very tiresome. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide any option to set-up a permanent Guest partnership. The Help file for ActiveSync 3.7 says it all:

A guest device only has a temporary connection with a desktop computer. Once the guest device is disconnected from the desktop computer, settings for the guest device, such as back up and conversion settings, are deleted. The next time the device connects to the desktop computer, you will again need to set it up as a guest device with the desktop computer.

The Hack

After forraging a bit on the Net, I found a simple answer to my problem: there is a registry key that can be used to force Guest partnership:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\GuestOnly = 1

If this value is not present, just create it as a DWORD and set it to 1.

Tha'ts all! Now whenever I plug in my PDA, I'm connected as guest and no more prompts.

To revert to the original behaviour, just remove the value or set it to 0.

Read more

There are a few good hacks that can be performed modifying registry keys for your PocketPC handheld. Check this article on CEWindows site for more:


The usual precautions should be made when editing the Windows registry. It's simple to modify values, but it's also easy to make a mistake and render parts of your applications unusable. To know more on what the registry is and how to edit it, check article KB256986 on the microsoft website.

PMonday 03 July 2006, at 10:34 GMT+8 [X]
Thanks. A Very Useful Fix. Saves loads of hassle for me.
TaryonoSaturday 22 June 2013, at 02:14 GMT+8 [X]
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